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Comprehensive Medical Care for Children, Close to Home

At Roundup Memorial Healthcare, we feel a special duty to protect children’s health as they grow into healthy adults. Our providers help patients from birth through adolescence and equip their parents with any resources they may need to monitor their children’s health and development over the years. Pediatric services start with your baby’s first newborn checkups through their well-child visits and any school physicals they’ll need as they grow up. Seeking pediatric care is important so your child can develop into a healthy adult. Proper care is vital during our earliest years, as it lays the foundation for developmental, social, and cognitive growth.

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What Happens at Well-Child Doctor Visits?

While there’s no doubt you should take your child to the doctor right away when they come down with something worrisome, it’s just as important for your child to see their provider regularly even when they feel well. This ensures they stay up to date with any vaccinations while recording their developmental milestones. These visits are also used as a safety net to detect and address any health issues right away.

Your child’s provider will check on the following things routinely during checkup appointments:

  • Growth and development
  • Vision and hearing
  • Immunization needs
  • Request any lab services
  • Provide referrals to a pediatric specialist