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Radiology & Imaging Studies

Local Radiology Exams Without the Need for a Long Drive

Our skilled staff can take care of your radiology needs with a doctor's order. Have your doctor fax orders to Roundup Memorial Healthcare Radiology at (406) 323-4908.

Types of Radiology Exams

xray machineX-Ray is a test that creates a 1-dimensional image of a body part. Our hospital uses the latest digital radiography technology that helps us obtain highly detailed images with less exposure to radiation.

If you have any concerns, please contact the Radiology Manager, Shayne Dollarhide, directly at (406) 323-4917.

Computed tomography (CT) uses X-rays to create hundreds of images of a body part being scanned. These images can then be reconstructed and displayed in several different angles or in three dimensions. For these exams, you will be asked to lie very still on a special table that moves you through the CT machine. Some studies require preparation and may include the use of an oral and or an intravenous (IV) contrast.

Ultrasound does not use radiation. Instead, like sonar, directed sound waves bounce off of structures in your body and that information is converted into an image. Some studies require preparation and special instructions the day prior to your exam.

Bone density scans (Dexascan) use a very small dose of ionizing radiation to produce images of the lower spine and hips to calculate bone loss. Dexa is a valuable tool for the diagnosis and tracking of osteoporosis and helps evaluate a person’s risk for future bone fractures. Even if you are seeing a specialist in Billings, we would be happy to save you a trip and perform your Dexa scan here in Roundup. We can send the results electronically to your provider.

Cardiac Monitoring includes electrocardiograms (EKGs) and Holter monitors.

  • EKGs: An EKG is a medical recording of the electric impulses from the heart. At Roundup Memorial Healthcare, we perform these exams by attaching several electrodes to the patient’s chest so the impulses from their heart can be displayed as a graph on an EKG machine.
  • Holter monitors are an extended duration heart monitor, similar to an EKG. The main difference is that the monitor stays attached to you when you go home and continuously monitors your heart while you go about your normal day.

Imaging available 24/7 for emergency room patients.

Contact Us

To Schedule an appointment, call (406) 323-4908. We are open during the following times:

  • CT: Monday through Friday, by appointment
  • X-Ray: Monday through Friday
  • Ultrasound: Monday through Wednesday, by appointment
  • DEXA: Monday through Friday, by appointment
  • EKG: Monday through Friday
  • Holter monitors: Monday through Wednesday, by appointment